Out Now for $4.99 (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Irritum is a 3d platformer game with puzzle elements. The game revolves  around the player trying to escape from limbo after attempting suicide. Use the unique plane-changing feature to escape purgatory and return to the life you once held.

Irritum is now available for Windows/Mac/Linux, DRM free, for the price of $4.99.

Play the demo here (for best results, use Google Chrome)

“...Nick Padgett has, single-handedly, created an engaging platform game that finds the right mix of frustration and satisfaction... ” 8/10 - The Same Coin

“...Irritum’s compelling premise and ample challenge create an intriguing, engaging platformer.” 4 Stars - Entertainium

   “...a really great game. Both from the technical side, and with the management of sexy, fun platform mechanics, and overall visual look and feel...” 9/10 - Team Games (translated)

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